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Brand, messaging, product packaging, sales, marketing, social media platforms, scaling, team, and systems... Growing a business is complex.
Let's make it simpler.

Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Quality & Wellbeing

My Business is to Grow Your Business

Tiina Wilen is a leading systemization expert helping design + wellbeing professionals and brands grow without sacrificing quality and wellbeing.

She holds a Master of Science in Systems Engineering, Bachelor in Business, PMP® (Project Management Professional) Certification, and multiple diplomas in interior and graphic design. She spent nearly 15 years in the corporate world as an IT & Management Consultant, Product Manager, and Global Process Manager, where she was responsible for multi-million euro offshore operations and delivery performance leading global teams of over 300 software engineers.

She has worked as a CEO managing international brand launches, manufacturing, and distribution processes, and is now the CEO and principal strategist at Avenue International and the publisher at TheAveneur.com. She's originally from Helsinki, Finland and lives in the Swedish countryside with her family of 4 humans and 1 spoiled Staffy.

She believes systems are the key ingredient to getting amazing results. 

After launching her first business in the home decor industry and growing it quickly to sell in 17+ countries through partnerships and strategic distribution networks, Tiina saw that many small business owners, particularly in the creative fields, lack solid systems  and processes that allow big companies to scale. Tiina and her team are now on a mission to grow profits, impact, and joy for small business owners worldwide.


Design a concept that stands out, a profitable business idea, a scalable model with multiple revenue streams, and assets that increase the value of your company


Engineer systems and automation for client acquisition, build an infrastructure that enables you to scale and develop a world-class, ROI-positive team


Expand your reach, get visibility in your industry, position your brand as an authority,  establish strategic partnerships, and expand to international markets

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